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Why Volico’s Monitoring Services Enables Businesses to Run Worry-Free?


Server and Network Availability

Monitoring the availability of servers, websites, and hosting platforms is critical to ensuring minimal downtime. Availability monitoring tools help alert you to possible service interruptions immediately so you can assess and resolve the issue without experiencing a loss of service to customers.

Network and Server Performance

Performance monitoring tools record critical service and performance metrics and functions. Examples of monitored metrics include desktop input/output bottlenecks, incoming and outgoing traffic, and CPU utilization. The most vital metrics can be listed as priorities and alerts can be sent to your email, via text or through various applications.

Critical Activity on The Server

Monitoring the various activities taking place on your server is crucial to spotting security, backlog, and downtime risks. Monitoring tools can keep track of login and logout attempts, restarted services, security breaches, and unexpected application terminations. These metrics can be stored in logs and accessed via email or internal applications.

Servers need to be monitored in order to continue working as efficiently as possible. Not all businesses have the resources or expertise to monitor systems effectively. Having a company monitor your servers in real-time can help in several ways.

Volico Monitoring Services offers a full detailed comprehensive view of every aspect of your network and IT environment. From Port Monitoring to Application and Database Monitoring. Without real-time monitoring, you may lose both money and time essential to your business tracking down failures, security breaches, and inefficiencies in your platform.



Monitoring solution delivers a comprehensive monitoring solution that examines the services running on your servers, simple-to-use, alert and notification service, in order to keep one step ahead of problems, no matter who owns it or where the equipment is placed.

server monitoring


Increased Performance

Constantly watching what the servers are doing allows for adjustments at critical times that can keep the systems running as efficiently as possible. Increased performance means high employee productivity.

Better Security

The running services and processes are watched carefully along with bandwidth and power use. Attempted attacks can be detected right away by the service. The result will be real-time notifications whenever security might be at risk.

Improved Availability

Customers will lose trust in your business if you cannot keep the servers available at nearly all times. Real-time monitoring can detect when problems might be starting.

Reduce Staffing Overhead

The service provides the employees and expertise required to monitor the servers for a predictable rate. There is no need to have special hardware or personnel to do this job. This lowers the cost of maintaining an information technology department.

Maximize Uptime

Problems can be detected fast so that there is no interruption in service. Avoiding downtime during critical parts of the year can prevent your business from losing revenue.

Boost your ROI

Avoid profit problems such as poor site performance or outages. Stay on top of the issues with our proactive alerts and insightful reports. Spend time on things that really matter. Grow your business and boost your ROI instead.

Protect Hardware

If hardware problems are not found early, then you might need to replace important components. This can lead to downtime and potentially data loss. The monitoring service will be looking for signs that a piece of hardware is starting to have problems.
Server Monitoring

Keep Services Working

Different services such as an email server or a database server could start to operate abnormally. Monitoring the server allows the provider to see when these problems occur so that email or database services can be restarted immediately.

Reduce Cost

One of the greatest benefits of contracting your server management duties is cost. You no longer have to worry about maintaining a large staff. Our server management will charge a fair price, and for that, you’ll get several techs available to handle your needs at any time.


Have one of our friendly experts contact you to begin the conversation. Discover how Volico can help you with your Server Management and Monitoring needs.​
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